Manual and Computerised Payroll and Bookkeeping (Killarney)

This course is an excellent starting point for people who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in a range of manual and computerised payroll and bookkeeping tasks. It’s designed for people with no prior experience in the topic areas, and it is suitable for people who wish to specialise in payroll and bookkeeping and for those who wish to add these areas of expertise to their existing range of administration skills. Participants who successful complete the course will be able to operate and maintain accurate manual and computerised payroll systems and bookkeeping records.

  • Induction – state the training location’s safety guidelines, rules and regulations, and describe the course objectives and certification.
  • Bookkeeping – Manual and Computerised – operate a manual bookkeeping system from source documents up to trial balance, and use a computerised accounts system incorporating debtors, creditors, nominal ledgers and financial reporting system. 
  •  Payroll – Manual and Computerised – 
  • examine the requirements of the payroll function; discuss its importance within an organisation; set up, process and maintain manual and computerised payroll systems; analyse the importance of paying employees the correct wage in a timely fashion; and discuss the impact of changes in tax legislation for the employee.
  • Career planning and job seeking skills – plan and achieve realistic employment and career goals.

A number of training methods are used to deliver this course. These include instructions, presentations, demonstrations, supervised practice, simulated work environment, and giving and receiving feedback. Participants are required to actively participate in the learning process and engage in course work outside of normal course hours. A number of methods are used to assess the participants’ progress and for certification purposes. These include assignments, practical exercises, skills demonstrations and practical exams.

  • Have an aptitude for and interest in working with figures.
  • Reached the statutory school leaving age.
  • QQI Level 4 Major Award or equivalent.
  • Good numerical and communication skills.
  • A good standard of written and spoken English.
  • Must have a basic level of computer skills.

Payroll and bookkeeping are key business functions. Many large companies have dedicated bookkeeping and payroll staff. The trend in small and medium sized firms is for the general admin staff to assume responsibility for payroll and bookkeeping. Accordingly, more and more companies require administration personnel who are multi-skilled and capable of carrying out various tasks including bookkeeping and payroll. Typically, graduates from this course will seek administration positions that incorporate payroll and bookkeeping duties. Some graduates may opt to specialise in payroll and bookkeeping and progress to higher level related courses.