Software Development Diploma (Full Stack)


This is a globally recognised Diploma in Software Development for career starters and career changers who wish to qualify as a work-ready software developer in just 14 weeks. Successful applicants will complete a 5-Day Coding Challenge and Recruitment Interview.

The ideal student will have attempted one of the free coding course online tools, like Udemy or Code Academy. This will show a previous desire to learn to become a coder.

Professionally, students can come from any background. The course is designed to take people from little or no knowledge of coding to job ready software developer.


  • Unique training programme – guided by high level Industry Advisory Council made up of global companies like PayPal, Accenture, GSK and RedHat
  • Accelerated– become a fully qualified software developer in 3 months.
  • Graduate employment rate of 86% within 6 months.
  • Only Code Institute classroom based course outside of Dublin.


None. This course is fully funded.


Apply using our Application Form.  You will be sent a link to our FIVE DAY CODING CHALLENGE. This is to assess your ability and suitability. Ensure the work you submit on this challenge is your own. This will be followed by a telephone interview.

The first 14 applicants who pass both the coding challenge and interview will be offered a place.

You will study Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Python, Practical Python, GitHub, Data Management, Agile Development and Frameworks (Django, Flask, High level Python)

Learners will be able to:

  1. Design, develop and implement a Front End Web application using Front End Frameworks
  2. Demonstrate competence using HTML5, CSS3, User Experience and a Development Environment.
  3. Use Git to maintain, upload and share code with other developers.
  4. Understand and implement responsive design and user experience best practices.
  5. Demonstrate competence using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Libraries including JQuery, Crossfilter.js, D3.js, DC.js, and Application Programming Interfaces  and a Development Environment.
  6. Create a data visualisation that conforms to usability principles.
  7. Use an Integrated Development Environment
  8. Demonstrate competence in using the Flask micro framework
  9. Demonstrate competence in unit testing and debugging code
  10. Demonstrate competence in contemporary Back End coding technologies by accessing and manipulating data effectively including Structured and Unstructured data using Python, MySQL, and MongoDB.
  11. Develop and deploy a full stack web-based application framework using contemporary software tools, including Django and Advanced Python, managing the project through all stages of the build schedule.
  12. Implement application features including: templates, and a blog.
  13. Identify and apply authentication and security features
  14. Implement e commerce payment systems including Stripe and Paypal
  15. Demonstrate competence in integration testing

This is an accelerated classroom training programme with a dedicated remote tutor who will hold live sessions twice each day with learners. All course delivery is via Code Institute Learning Management System (LMS). A classroom co-ordinator is on-site each day to assist learners in navigating the various online supports in place and connecting with Code Institute’s Slack community of coding professionals. Full attendance is vital to succeed.

  • Reached the statutory school leaving age.
  • You have a genuine interest in software development.
  • You level an advanced level of computer skills.
  • You are highly self-motivated.
  • A desire to learn and problem solve.
  • A creative and logical thinker.
  • You will relocate within Ireland, UK or Europe to secure employment.


County Kerry is emerging as a thriving scene for the Irish tech industry with more and more tech-based startups and international companies choosing it as their location to do business. Companies such as JRI America, Dairymaster, Astellas, Bioatlantis, Diomac, Fexco, Fluirse, Listal, Netfeasa, PulseLearning, TriCel,, ViClarity and Wazp are all based here.

Kerry SciTech has announced that Kerry’s science, technology and engineering sector will create over 180 new jobs in 2019, and there are positive indications for similar jobs growth in 2020. As a direct result of this, industries in the county are searching for more industry-ready and career-focused software developers.